I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, data visualizer based in Nairobi, Kenya.I specialise in illustration, hand lettering, identity design, infographics and I am passionate about design for social impact, particularly when it comes to an African lens and projects focused on women's rights.

I have over ten years of experience working as a freelancer and for creative agencies within Kenya and for various international clients.

I am also developing Kulula - a product line selling greeting cards, journals, and other gift and stationery goods.

Recently, I began teaching hand-lettering classes - just beginner level, as I consider myself just intermediate! Practice, Practice! Hand-lettering has always been one of my favourite things - from tagging my friend’s files in primary school to focusing on it for my final university project and it feels great to share this love with others. I am working on developing my craft further and having more workshops in the near future.

I also works part-time as a teacher at the Africa Digital Media Institute in Nairobi. Thats the stable adventure that keeps me fresh!

I also love tea, music, cats, sewing, architecture and design TV shows, ‘Come Dine With Me’, people-watching and my friends + family.

Get in touch at nzilani@gmail.com